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Summer DIY makes

Here are some ideas to try with your Crafty Kids at home, while you are waiting for our next event.

Rock decorating

1. Get a stone, make sure you wash and dry it before you start decorating.


2. There are lots of materials you can use to decorate them - acrylic paint pens are good, but you can also use normal acrylic paint or permanent markers. You can even use nail vanish or poster paint mixed with PVA glue.

3. When you have finished decorating leave your rock to dry thoroughly.

4. If you want to put your rock outside you might want to add a layer or two of PVA glue, clear vanish or some other coating, to stop the paint washing off or fading with time.

Dragon egg.jpg
Fairy rocks.jpg
Nature paintings
2016-06-10 19.37.57.jpg

You can use huge range of the materials to paint a nature picture with, but here are some ideas:

  1. You might like to use potatoes to make a body for a ladybird or bee, then use a brush to add details.

  2. You can use carrots to make long body shapes, like butterflies or dragonflies.

  3. You can use leaves to print wings, or to make a tree.

  4. You can make prints and patterns using flowers and petals.

  5. You can just experiment and see what interesting shapes and patterns you can make with the other materials you might find in your garden, like sticks or pinecones, or other fruits and vegetables.

  6. You can even use your own fingers, hands or even feet!

Bird feeders and beady decorations

1. Get a pipe cleaner.

2. Thread on cereal hoops.

3. Bend it into a shape; it could be a circle, a figure of 8, a heart, a star or even a butterfly!

4. Twist the ends together to join it, then pick some ribbon and tie it on.

5. Hang it up in the garden.

beady butterflies.jpg

If you don't want to make a bird feeder, you can use beads instead of cereal hoops to make a decoration that could be hung in the garden or in the house.

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