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About us

Crafty Kids Wirral provide a range of arts and crafts activities for children of all ages at a number of locations in Wirral. We run events throughout the year, particularly during the school holidays. You can also book Crafty Kids Wirral for birthday parties, fairs and other private or public events.

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Find out more about hiring Crafty kids for parties and other events

Hi I’m Laura,

I am the main face you will see at Crafty Kids Wirral.

I started developing the idea of Crafty Kids at the end of 2015. I am a primary school teacher but was on maternity leave at the time. My teacher brain still kept ticking over - planning activities to keep my 3 year old daughter entertained whilst dealing with her baby brother.

I would become slightly panicked when it came to the school holidays and everything stopped - no school / pre-school / toddler groups / any sort of normal routine! I would often do lots of craft activities to fill the time, and I began to think “Surely there are other desperate parents like me, why don’t I hire somewhere and share my ideas?” – and so Crafty Kids was born!

I planned 12 events in the summer holidays of 2016, as my maternity leave ended in July and I was going back to work in September. They were far more successful than I could have imagined and people begged me to keep going and so I have – every school holiday since I have run at least one event, and we have also provided a few special activities at public events like Christmas / summer fairs, parties and fundraisers.

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