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Autumn DIY makes

Here are some ideas to try with your Crafty Kids at home, while you are waiting for our next event.

Autumn painting

You can use huge range of the materials to paint an autumn themed picture with, but here are some ideas:

1. You can use an apple cut in half to make a pumpkin; just dip it in orange paint and print it on paper, then use a brush to add details.

2. You can print spiders by cutting the end of a kitchen roll tube.


​5. You can experiment and see what interesting shapes and patterns you can make with the other materials you might find in your garden or in the woods, like sticks, conkers or pine cones.

6. You can even use your own fingers, hands or feet!


3. You can use a template and paint around the edge, leaving the middle blank.


4. You can make exciting prints and patterns using leaves.

Pine cone creatures
  1. Gather some pine cones when on a woodland walk.

  2. Use PVA glue to stick on googly eyes.

  3. You can use foam shapes for teeth, claws, mouths, ears or feet.

  4. You can also use card (for wings), matchsticks or pipe cleaners (for legs, spikes or antenna).


To make a spider you just need 3 pipe cleaners for legs and 4 googly eyes


To make a witch, paint the pine cone green and let it dry. The broom can be made from sticks, the hat from black card and the wand from a match stick and a star sequin.

You can also add wool for hair, a fabric cape, a red card mouth and googly eyes.


To make a bat, draw wings and ears on to black card, then cut out and stick them into your pine cone. Then add googly eyes and white foam triangles for teeth.


Or use your imagination and the different materials to make a monster!

We used paint, pom poms, pipe cleaners, foam shapes and a googly eye to make this.

Spooky lantern or pencil pot
pencil pot.jpg

1. Get a container to cover. You can use plastic bottles, yoghurt pots or glass jars – be VERY CAREFUL if you choose glass; get a grown up to help you at all times. If you use a plastic container you can cut out shapes like a mouth before covering it.


2. Cover the container in PVA glue.

3. Stick on tissue paper.


4. Use more glue to stick on card shapes to make a face.


5. Once it is dry, you can choose to add a candle. If you have used a plastic container DON’T use a real candle but a battery operated one (please be mindful that these have button batteries which are very dangerous if swallowed). Or just fill it with pencils to make a pencil pot.


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